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3D-Print (FDM)

With our 3D printer (Fused Deposition Modeling) we create for now plastic components directly from the 3D models of the CAD system. In the required quality we produce display models, patterns but also components for finished devices and machines.

As the 3D printer, used since the year 2010, no longer met our requirements in terms of quality, component size and speed, we have developed a self-construction beginning in 2014 and put into operation.

We now have four different printers working in our lab, and the concept is constantly being improved.

You need to have display models, samples or components?

Contact us with your parts, 3D models or drawings!


ABS plastic

Already in the planning phase the first models or components from our CAD system could be printed with our 3D-printer.

CAD Inventor 2014

Thus, the components are quickly test- or usable.

mounted printed components