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About Adler KT

Since 1962, we develop and construct special machines, handling systems, fixtures and tooling for various industries

Since 1994, these constructions are fully delivered as machines in "iron and steel" and installed at customer service. Thus arose and arise when customers complete production lines for assembly and machining of components and assemblies and final test lines for quality assurance.

Since 2010, we also develop mechanical and electrical equipment. For the design of these devices, their housing is often designed of plastic, we naturally use our knowledge of the assembly machines already delivered where comparable components assembled and tested.


We use a proven network

Due to the frequent complexity of the task, we use an established network to ensure goal-oriented work. Engineering for electrical engineering, metal and plastic processing plants and prototype builders, designers, etc. are part of our network to systematically and straightforward to solve the tasks entrusted to us.



Everyone said, "You can not." Then came one who did not know this and has made it easy.

Calculation Sketch

Operation Blindness

"Industry Blindness"

At the beginning of a project, we assess objectivity with the task to minimize this to the required core. Nevertheless, we consider the task not in isolation, as well as the environment in which the task must harmonize with the solution. Overlooking the proverbial "box" we are looking for an apt solution that economically withstand the minimum and maximum principle.
From this objectivity is out, solutions can often be found in a different industry.

Also in the field of bionics, the "technology" learns from watching the nature.