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CAD and various 3D data

While many CAD programs for mechanical engineering and e.g. the furniture industry work with solid models, other industries often work with polygonal surface meshes. Digital production for movies as well as e.g. developments based on 3D scanning technology also work with triangulation - de facto surface meshes.

3D data of different objects, such as machine parts, architectural models, or even living beings, are thus available in different 3D formats. In order to carry out a clear development, a mixture of these 3D data is often target-oriented or even mandatory.

Also, depending on the quality, any existing 3D model should be printable on a 3D printer.


Use of 3D data

The more ideas for the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in the industry arise, the stronger the demand for suitable software platforms, with which a consolidation of the data can be managed. Due to customer requests, we have looked around for suitable software in this regard. Point clouds from 3D scans for halls and site plans or 3D scans with the help of smart phones require a certain processing. We recently received 3D scans for a non-profit project.

Gelände Daten Brücke M¨ngsten

The leading game engines showed themselves to be target-rich software here.


3D animation software we used so far to create 3D figures for images and animations, with Inventor we created most of the 3D models for our customers. With the help of various software we prepare the 3D data to make it usable for our purposes.