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Virtual reality with VR glasses and controllers or hand tracking


With the aid of VR glasses, parts, components or entire machines as well as buildings and landscapes become formally tangible. The from the games industry massively grown use of virtual reality is now basically a quite affordable technology.


Nearly all 3D data can be prepared, and virtually "played on" with the help of the appropriate software platforms. (Use of 3D data)

Virtual Realität

Because of the ever-improving hardware and the better visual results that come with it, it is possible to mix reality and the computer-generated illusory world.

Virtual Realität

Memories of the elder generation of the "holodeck" from the Star Treck series are realized through the VR environment, allowing for a fascinating virtual environment.


The software that conveys this illusion, which is also used in computer games, can also be used for the development and design of machines and devices.